More than just picnic food

Monday, 13 April 2015 by

Tacos Fruits If you’re having trouble meeting your recommended daily intake, or simply tired of the regular ol’ apple in the morning, these juicy new recipes will solve your problem fast. Spiced Honeyed Apricots Serve over plain Greek yogurt or vanilla frozen yogurt. Any leftover syrup is delicious stirred into iced tea. Ingredients: water, sugar,

There are literally hundreds of thousands of diets. Some are for losing weight, others for gaining weight, lowering cholesterol, living a long and healthy life, etc. The Mediterranean Diet, for example, reflects the culinary habits of southern European people. The word diet comes from Old French diete and Medieval Latindieta meaning “a daily food allowance”.

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How much sugar is in your food?

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 by

In our modern and fast-paced lives, it may be difficult to keep a healthy balance of nutrients in our food. Sugar is one of these nutrients, and the cells in our body would die without it. Consuming too much sugar, however, raises the risk of several problems, including poor dental health, obesity and type 2

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Following the Pony Express Riders of Iowa’s annual Easter weekend ride, Kennedy Brown, 7, had the chance to ride a “horse of a different color” in the Spencer Bomgaars parking lot Friday. Each year the Pony Express Riders of Iowa complete a statewide ride to raise funds for Camp Sunnyside in Des Moines. This year

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